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xpWallet Launches NFC-based Retail Shopping Solution

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nfc.jpgIndian mobile wallet services provider xpWallet has launched an NFC-based retail shopping solution for shopping malls, retail chain stores, food courts and canteens etc.

An NFC prepaid payment card enables users to load the card with the amount they want and tap for all the purchases made at the shopping area. They can also earn points by using the card, which they can redeem anytime.

The solution requires one NFC phone/reader which will do everything to provide the service for the users, without any additional hardware required. Additionally, the system can also be integrated with the existing systems. On the other hand, users will need an NFC card or NFC tag which can be stuck on phone, wrist watch, keycard or any plastic card.

Users are sent instant notifications and SMS alert for their shopping and balance. While for security perspective, users can notify to block the card or call customer care number, assured compensation in case of any fraud and theft.

xpWallet, is a mobile wallet solution provider, emerging in the growing space of mobile financial services & mobile payment solutions. xpWallet provides mobile wallet solutions for telcos, banks, financial institutions or companies, retail sector, and transport companies worldwide.

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