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WINGS delivered its recharge platform to a new payment system EASYPAY in Azerbaijan

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виртуал.gifEasyPay has launched a new payment system EASYPAY in Azerbaijan. WINGS has become a system integrator and software vendor for this payment system. As part of the implementation the company has chosen and configured the server hardware, selected POS-terminal model and customized its firmware.

The project provides the sale of virtual recharge cards (electronic vouchers) via POS-terminals or computers connected to the Internet as well as instant (PIN less) recharge of service providers (mobile operators, Internet, TV, public utilities) with a direct connection to providers’ billing systems.

The process of buying an electronic voucher is the following: the outlet cashier chooses a electronic voucher of the required denomination and operator through POS-terminal menu, prints a receipt through the embedded receipt printer and gives it to the customer. The receipt contains a serial number and a pin code as well as the logo of the operator and card activating information. The customer pays the cashier an amount equal to the electronic voucher denomination and gets the receipt.

Any Internet connected PC can be used instead of a POS terminal. In this case the payment menu is available via WEB browser and the receipt is printed on a printer connected to the PC.

Instant recharge is made the same way but the receipt contains information about the transaction and money transfer to the subscriber’s account instantly.

In contrast to traditional prepaid scratch cards, electronic vouchers do not require any production, logistic and storage costs. Distribution of electronic vouchers is done through a secure Internet channel, which is much easier, faster and more cost effective than distribution of traditional prepaid scratch cards.

At the first stage the payment system includes 1,000 POS-terminals SHTRIH-M. In the nearest future the list of used devices will be extended by POS-terminals working with bank cards and self-service kiosks.

The network management of POS-terminals and transactions processing are made from a central servers system which is based on a failover cluster and protected by industrial firewalls. The processing interacts with the POS-terminals and service providers via secure connections. In order to access the Internet every POS-terminal is equipped by a GSM-modem with two SIM-cards. It is possible to update POS-terminal software remotely.

The recharge platform provides WEB-based user friendly interfaces for dealers, merchants, bill collectors and administrators. Through these interfaces POS-terminals are managed and a vast number of statistical information is available.

WINGS recharge platform is a high performance and flexible electronic recharge solution enabling prepaid vouchers distribution/management and PIN less recharge via POS terminals or computers. The platform can be used by an operator, a retailer, a prepaid cards distributor or an independent company accepting payments.

WINGS offers turnkey recharge solution - the supply of software (optionally with hardware), all necessary operations to launch a recharge platform including integration, customization, commissioning and maintenance.

The solution supports POS-terminals and self-service kiosks. Its distinctive feature is fast integration with any external information systems as well as support of a number of different protocols. Due to its flexible architecture the solution can be adapted to any specific requirements of a customer.

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