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US: WalMart to add 115 smaller format stores

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walmart.jpgWalMart Stores Inc. is planning to expand its fleet of smaller-format stores this fiscal year, opening an expected 115 locations. The Neighborhood Market and Express locations will account for about 40% of stores the retailer opens.

“You’ll see us increasingly moving into smaller formats,” said Bill Simon, head of WalMart’s U.S. division, at an industry conference Tuesday. “They compete really well against multiple channels.”

WalMart considers smaller formats to be below 60,000-square-feet.

Simon noted that the smaller-format stores, with their fresh food, general merchandise, pharmacies and online offerings, provide a full package of products and services that competitors lack. “We can deliver price, and assortment and fresh food and Rx,” he said.

Even as it grows its smaller-format stores, WalMart isn’t changing or abandoning its supercenter strategy— about 90% of WalMart’s fleet remain supercenters and large stores, and the company plans to add about 125 big box locations this year.


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