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Wallaby’s new mobile app unlocks its universal payment card and cloud wallet magic

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wallaby.jpgApps that save their users money are sure to be popular among consumers. Those that do so while also making their lives easier have the chance to be a massive hit. Cloud-based smart wallet Wallaby financial falls squarely into the latter camp with its Web app and one credit card to rule them all product. Today, the company adds a much anticipated mobile app (iPhone only) to deliver on-the-go flexibility to its users.

“Every day that goes by, consumers seem to be more confused about which credit card will get them the most points or rewards,” said Matthew Goldman, CEO and Founder, Wallaby Financial. “Our new app makes it easy for consumers to eliminate the confusion, and use their credit cards in the most advantageous way.”

Wallaby offers users a Visa branded payment card that relies on proprietary real-time algorithms to dynamically and intelligently switch between all the other credit cards currently in a user’s wallet to maximize savings and rewards. At the time of purchase, Wallaby makes a real-time recommendation for which card to route a payment through based on factors such as the type of transaction, limited time offers available from the retailer, and card rewards.

While users previously had to set rules and preferences in advance via the company’s Web dashboard, they can now do so on the go. This functionality completes the vision that CEO and founder Matthew Goldman sold investors and early users when he began building the company. The idea is that Wallaby makes the decisions for its users, but that at any time the user can manually override these decisions at the time of purchase for the ultimate in flexibility and control.

For example, the universal Wallaby card may be programmed to direct all purchases of gasoline to a personal card that gets the most airline mile rewards, but a user may wish to override this for a single transaction and instead direct it to their business card. With the new Wallaby app, this is possible, and both the business and personal card can be left at home.

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