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Voicekey Launches Biometric iPhone App

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VoiceVoicekey has launched an iPhone app for its voice biometrics-based authentication system. Developed from research at Nottingham Trent University, the company says it uses patent-pending software to extract unique features from an individual’s voice in order to create bespoke biometric classifiers that can be stored in a central database or locally on a user’s smartphone.

Users download the app and are prompted to repeat a pattern of words or numbers three times to enrol with the system. The company’s specific algorithms then generate a user-specific voice biometric classifier, which after encryption is stored securely on the mobile phone.The authentication process is similar, though requires less repetition.

The firm has previously launched an iPhone app, called OpenSezme, which is aimed at user storage of sensitive information such as passwords.

According to a recently published survey by Nuance Communications 90 percent of smartphone users are eager to use voice biometrics, as 85% of users are dissatisfied with current methods for mobile authentication.

As reported previously in BiometricUpdate.com, voice biometric deployments are becoming increasingly common. The National Australia Bank (NAB) recently opted to use voice recognition technologies for the verification of its customers. The decision was made, as the company suggests voice biometrics are more secure and reliable than fingerprinting.

Likewise, according to the Inland Revenue Service in New Zealand, over 400,000 people in the country have registered in the past year to use a voiceprint system to verify their identity over the phone.

Source:  Biometric Update.com


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