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U.K. Pharmacy Chain Pilots Kiosks in Premium Stores

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kiosk.jpegLloydspharmacy in the U.K. has installed health and product focused interactive touchscreen kiosks in a number of its premium stores. The kiosks give customers the ability to browse the store's full range of products as well as the opportunity to print out health leaflets regarding a number of wellness issues.

The kiosks, provided by Protouch, are equipped with chip and pin and a barcode scanner, allowing shoppers to place orders and make card payments. They also enable users to scan in-store products for further information and watch step-by-step videos on how to use them.

According to a news release from Protouch, the initial focus of the kiosk pilot was to update the pharmacy's image and improve the way customers access health care. Prior to the current kiosk deployment, Lloydspharmacy piloted tablet-based devices in two of its stores, but they failed to deliver an efficient solution, the release said.

"Tablets are absolutely useless as a self-service device. They are too small and not bright enough," said Lloydspharmacy Managing Director Tom Quarry. "They do not have commercial grade scanners and payment devices that can hook off them."

Now deployed in nine of its premium stores, the Touchscreen Health Kiosks have proven popular with Lloydspharmacy customers, the release said. Collected data has demonstrated a high level of interaction with the kiosks and particular features such as product scanning. According to Quarry, the data includes:
  • More than 6,000 screen views since first deployment in May
  • Nearly 600 advice leaflets have been printed
  • More than 500 products have been scanned
  • Customers have accessed product information more than 1,300 times
  • 33 percent of screen views have been product based (scanning or browsing)
  • 67 percent have been customers looking in advice sections
Lloydspharmacy has 1,600 stores in the U.K. Quarry said the next stage is to place the kiosks in 61 additional premium locations.
Source:  Kiosk Marketplace


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