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Tinkoff Bank offers buying on credit via Yandeks.Kassa

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Tinkoff Bank and Yandex.Money announce a new method of payment for purchases through Yandex.Kassa on credit offered by Tinkoff Bank

Starting from September 24, online stores and travel agencies can connect a new method of online payment via Yandeks.Kassa - on credit. This will allow the companies to sell their products and services on credit via the Internet, and their customers will be able to make purchases, even if therir funds are insufficient at the moment.

Tinkoff Bank will extend loans for a total of RUB3.000-100.000 through its platform "KupiVkredit" (Buy on Credit). The mechanism of selling on credit is very simple for companies. It is enough to connect to Yandeks.Kassa, configure the desired payment method and a button for paying on credit will appear on the website next to other payment methods. An additional agreement with the bank is not required.

The user, in its turn, can make a purchase promptly, without the pink string. Credit terms and conditions offered by Tinkoff Bank, as well as a credit application form are available on the website of the shop or travel agent. The Bank will review it in two minutes, and then will send a representative with the loan agreement.

The user will sign it, and the purchase will be paid for on the next business day. The customer is not charged any fee for this service. The loan can be paid off free of charge through Tinkoff Bank’s extensive network of top-up locations or on the Yandex website.
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