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The Decision WEST CONCEPT | Netshop Registered in Microsoft

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nav_0.jpgThe company "West Concept" has registered a new industry solution for retailers and online stores based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV - WEST CONCEPT | Netshop. The solution provides comprehensive automation of large retail stores that conduct business with customers over the Internet.

The company's specialists have created unique simple tool to ensure receipt of the application process from site to produce the desired user of the site to the delivery of that product into the hands of the buyer.

Industry solution WEST CONCEPT | NETSHOP is a set of functional modules, implementation may be carried out in stages and in the right set.


·         Transit moving and storage;

·         Control remains in a warehouse;

·         Precise planning of transport services or courier delivery.


·         Reference customers;

·         Statistics Number of each client;

·         Tracking of ordering customer;

·         Information about the percentage of discount for every customer.

Procurement Management

·         Information about discounts for certain groups of the goods;

·         The minimum size of the procurement;

·         Price monitoring of suppliers;

·         Bar coding, integration with the terminal data collection;

·         Distribution of goods between couriers.

Integration with website

·         Two-way data exchange between the site and ordering system Net SHOP;

·         Discharging current balances to the site;

·         Accounting;

·         Quick and easy data exchange via the COM-server;

·         Create a document in a production system, taking into account all legal entities and contract numbers.

Cashier / Bank

·         Integration with billing systems;

·         Detail of payment of each client;

·         Formation account to pay online.

Implementing solutions West Concept | NETSHOP allows you to: process orders in the on-line through the online store; significantly reduce the processing time of order; track the status of shop online online; quickly analyze the state of affairs of each branch of the company; integrate the solution with an administrative unit of the company; automate the procurement system.

"We have created a solution, “WEST CONCEPT | NETSHOP” - allows for maximum industry-specific retailers over the internet. The solution provides a convenient interface for work and interaction between all participants of the business process, providing them with full information about the status of an order from a customer at a time, and provides for analysis of the company's processes to support management decision-making "- says Sabrina Mironov Consultant Department implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 

Source:  West Concept


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