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T-Systems, Airbus and RIMOWA Present the Real Vision of an Intelligent Suitcase

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intelligent suitcase The aircraft manufacturer Airbus, luggage manufacturer RIMOWA and T-Systems will use the 50th International Airshow in Paris-Le Bourget to present the real vision of an intelligent suitcase that travelers can send on its way and pick up again at the other end without worrying about it.

The suitcase is equipped with a radio and software module and a display. The traveler scans all the relevant flight details in via a smartphone app and weighs the suitcase simply by picking it up by the handle. In the future it is planned that all the information is send to the airline, which generates a bar code and sends it to the suitcase's display. Once it has been picked up from the traveler, the suitcase can be uniquely identified, allocated, checked in, and sent to the destination address, all using the bar code. A separate bar code is created for each flight containing information such as the weight of the suitcase and who its owner is, along with flight details. That means the suitcase travels separately from its owner – even if flight plans are changed at short notice or if there are delays or a connected flight is missed.

The smart system in the suitcase means the owner and the airline can see where the suitcase is at all times, before and after a flight, at the touch of a button. The software can also tell if the suitcase is opened or manipulated while traveling and informs the owner when and where it happened.

According to SITA, an organization specialized on air travel statistics, lost or delayed luggage costs airlines 2.5 billion dollars a year. For every thousand passengers, on average more than eleven items of luggage are either never seen again or don't turn up until days later. This new suitcase solution will help cut expenses for handling and lost luggage.

T-Systems, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, operates the applications for the ICT solution, which can be used the world over. Airbus, RIMOWA and T-Systems intend to develop more airport and mobility services in the future.

Source:  T-Systems


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