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Sting visited tasting of his wine in Azbuka Vkusa

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sting-press-2016-cr-eric-ryan-anderson-billboard-1548.jpgOn October 3, a tasting of the wine from Tuscan farm IL Palagio, owned by the British singer Sting, was held at the “Azbuka Vkusa” (ABC of Taste) store in Lotte Plaza (Moscow).

The musician and his wife Trudy Styler did not leave this event in the cold.

Prior to the arrival of the couple, the tasting was accompanied by the performance of the Imperia Music Band playing one of Sting’s most popular songs, Shape of My Heart, among the others. In the intervals between musical compositions, Vasily Chebotarev, anchor of the event, told the audience about the winery owned by him and his spouse. For example, he informed that the IL Palagio farm has existed for about 500 years. The couple became the third owner of the winery. In addition to wine, the farm produces honey, vegetables and olive oil.

The sales of wines from Sting started in the Azbuka Vkusa chain in April 2016. Four red wine labels are offered: When We Dance, Message in a Bottle, Casino delle Vie, Sister Moon, named after the singer's compositions. Their prices are Rub1.600, 1.800, 2.600, and 5.000, respectively. From this year, white wine Message in a Bottle will be available in the store. 

In 2016 financial year, Azbuka Vkusa managed to sell twice as much as compared to the set target of 20,000 bottles of wine from Sting per year, said Andrey Golubkov, representative of the chain. According to him, the retailer has started cooperation with restaurateurs to supply musician's products, with agreements already signed with Soroka and Adri restaurants.




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