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SMARTRAC Highlights Its Contribution to Thinaire’s NFC RFID-based Solution for Bon-Ton

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Bon TonDepartment store operator Bon-Ton has engaged Thinaire, a leader in RF engagement marketing solutions, to turn shoes-on-display into mobile marketing channels for shoppers. To ensure top-performance for its solution, Thinaire relies on SMARTRAC’s NFC RFID tags exclusively.

With a tap of the NFC-enabled smartphone to the SMARTRAC NFC tag in the label attached to the shoe, shoppers can instantly engage their consumer experience by determining whether their store has the shoes in the requested size, color and style. If the product is not available, the interactive experience will guide Bon-Ton customers to the nearest store that has the desired shoe in stock or direct them to Bon-Ton’s mobile commerce site. The enabled solution has been rolled out in over 30 of the company's stores across 11 states.

To maximize reliability and consistency, Thinaire exclusively utilized the SMARTRAC Circus tag powered by the NXP NTAG IC. SMARTRAC’s world-class products and solution portfolio ensures consistently high quality even in the required large quantities: Hundreds of thousands of tags were deployed and more than 500,000 SKUs have been managed and delivered on the Thinaire software platform.

"SMARTRAC is proud to be the solution-provider for Thinaire's mobile engagement programs. Being chosen by Thinaire for the Bon-Ton project underscores the technological and quality advantage of our NFC products for retail related applications”, says Corey Wilson, Global Director, Consumer Experience at SMARTRAC.

The Bon-Ton program is the first of many retailers using NFC and other RF technologies (BLE and WiFi) to enhance the consumers shopping experience with the ability to quickly authenticate the product, view the coordinated accessories, see the latest product reviews and connect into a completely personalized shopping experience.

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