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Small Shopkeepers in UK Towns Targeted for Mobile NFC Rewards Programme

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molo.jpgThe Association of Town & City Management (ATCM) has signed an exclusive agreement with MoLo Rewards to give local independent shops the same mobile phone and smart card capabilities as the majors.

Using Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless capabilities now being built into mobile phones (which works the same way as London Transport's Oyster Card) the technology created by market leader MoLo Rewards connects people with their local town centre shops and others.

As part of the ATCM's mission to improve town and city centres and after two years of collaboration and a 6-month proof-of-concept pilot in Reading, the ATCM is now recommending MoLo Rewards Ltd., for the provision of couponing, loyalty and reward schemes by all its membership locations.

Says ATCM Chief Executive Martin Blackwell, "It is more important now than ever that town and city centres embrace the potential of the digital high street. The ATCM has started to work with a number of innovative and strategic players to help integrate mobile contactless technology with the complex systems of urban place management and retailers.

"The joint-venture with MoLo Rewards is aimed at bringing mobile loyalty and reward within reach of independent retailers across the UK. We are organising meetings with key representatives of UK mobile network operators, card issuers and retail groups, and helping to shape the adoption of NFC technology.

"We are using over twenty years of on-the-ground experience to enhance the broader public experience of the high street. NFC will have a key role in delivering that experience. MoLo Rewards is at the leading edge of this sector."

Says Blackwell, "Our members have been asking which route to go with local loyalty and rewards schemes and who to work with. Having done thorough research and conducted a highly successful pilot in Reading, we are delighted to be able to announce this tie up and to recommend MoLo Rewards to our members.

Peter Sprogis, Executive Chairman, MoLo Rewards Ltd., says,"MoLo Rewards is delighted to be working with ATCM. It is our belief that MoLo's NFC based solution provides the opportunity for independent retailers to adopt a powerferful multi-channel marketing tool to compete
in the High Street mobile coupon and loyalty space."

MoLo Rewards is an innovative solution for the immediate in-store redemption and use of loyalty rewards and coupons in a mobile environment. MoLo is a compelling consumer proposition with an added value 'app' for Merchants to use the NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile eco system.

MoLo's idea is that complex rewards schemes, messy paper coupons and confusing special offers will be replaced by a mobile phone based app that accrues points through shopping, use of public transport, and redemption of coupons. When it comes time to use your points, or to redeem retail / travel coupon offers, the entire transaction can be done simply by "touching" your phone or smartcard to a contactless terminal.

MoLo rewards consumers by connecting them with promotional offers from local retailers. MoLo offers retailers the ability to reach tens of thousands of local consumers individually, bringing retail loyalty and rewards together with other key elements such as parking, public
transport, facility access (think leisure centres), hospitality sector for proof of age ID, event access and even community non-profit engagement.

ATCM and MoLo Rewards will be working to offer this innovative system to town and city centres across the country during 2013.

Source:  Finextra


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