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SIM cards in Russia to be sold though kiosks

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sim2-title.jpgThis refers to SIM-card vending machines capable of identifying the prospective subscriber.
According to Vedomosti, the automated SIM-card kiosk (Simkomat) scans the user's passport, while the built-in camera compares the photo in the passport with the face of the potential client. However, the technology is not unique: such devices are already in use in Europe.
MTS plans to install first simkomats supporting face recognition this year. According to mobile operator’s spokesperson Alexey Merkutov, the there are about 30 simkomats in their network already. These devices do not support biometric identification, however, and therefore SIM cards in them are only available to those who have registered their passports with the MTS before.
According to a spokesperson of Megafon, another Russian MNO, their studies of simkomats application show that this format of mobile retail helps reduce costs and increase network penetration in hard-to-reach and popular places. Mobile operator Vimpelcom is also studying the possibility of selling SIM-cards through vending kiosks.
The big-three MNOs do not disclose details of the new format implementation.
Virtual operators (MVNOs) show their interest to simkomats, too. 
Experts specify that simkomats will allow cellular and mobile operators to reduce staff-related costs. The machines can be very useful during the upcoming World Cup to be held for the first time in Russia this summer.

Source:, Vedomosti


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