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Russia to introduce mandatory fur product marking

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Starting from 1 April 2016, EEC countries and Russia introduce a uniform marking system for goods made of natural fur.

The RF Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Industry and Trade has prepared a draft of special instruction on the fur products marking with ID tags.

Various products made of nutria, mink, fox, rabbit, fox, hare, sheepskin and raccoon will be subject to the control. According to the experts’ estimates, the counterfeit products volume on the domestic market is about 80%, while the volume of customs payments makes up as few as 16%.

“For unscrupulous participants of the fur market the project implementation will be fatal, because a “gray” model business becomes absolutely unsustainable in the new environment” - agrees Anna Orlova, leading expert of Russia’s Retail Companies Association (ACORT).

Goznak will be the chip supplier. Special requirements for frost-resistant tags are described in detail in the document. The marking sign will be a reporting form at the same time. To get it, the manufacturers or importers should submit their applications specifying the types and quantity of fur coats. Both imported fur coats and those manufactured in EEC member countries will be subject to marking.

The tags must be embedded prior to the commencement of customs clearance procedure. The Federal Tax Service, as the operator of the national labeling system, will be the key responsible organization in charge of registration of each legal fur coat or hat. Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia Dmitry Grigorenko told to "RG", a prototype of the labeling information system is ready and will be launched on March 1. In the next few days, step-by-step instructions and video tutorials for furriers and consumers will be available on the FTS official website.
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