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Russia’s social network VKontakte to enable launching online stores

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This statement for the media was made by company spokesman Georgy Lobushkin

The social network Vkontakte (“In Touch”) is going to introduce a new section, “Goods In Touch” to allow users to create their own online stores.

According to G.Lobushkin, deployment of the new section is a response to the growing demand of network users: “In the past, to present their products to the public, the administrators of such communities had to use photo albums, which were not intended for those purposes. The users could not concentrate information about all goods presented in the communities, in one place. Now we offer a new powerful tool both to the users, and to the communities.”

The new website section will include a general merchandise catalogue and a special search engine allowing purchases of any of the products online. To this end, it will be enough to contact the administrator of a group that offers an item of interest and to agree upon the terms of payment / delivery. None of the payment systems has been linked to the section yet.
According to current press reports, the showcase starts operations in test mode today to become available for all users a bit later. The product placement in the catalogue is free of charge.
Source:  ТАСС

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