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Retailers are Against Compulsory Implementation of Non-Cash Payments

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pos.pngAssociation of retail companies (AKORT) is going to address the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the RF (FAS) and the State Duma with a request to examine the situation on the payment systems market in the RF. AKORT claims that two largest international systems Visa and MasterCard control about 80% of all the card payments and charge up service commissions. According to the research held by the Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology “Higher School of Economics”, it is by 54% higher in Russia than in the European Union at an average within the MasterCard system and by 80% within the Visa system. During this research a poll was held among 42 retail companies, including 18 big, 8 average and 16 small companies. According to the document the respondents don’t have a sound share of non-cash payments so far – 17% of the number of payments at an average and 19% of the total cost of purchases.


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