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Retail areas near metro stations set to grow in demand

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Demand for up to 30 sq.m retail floor space near metro stations in the capital can increase as a result of the recent demolition of “unauthorized construction”.

«The demolition of retail kiosks and stalls located near metro stations in Moscow can lead to a 30-40% reduction in the up to 30 sq.m vacant premises for street retail in the busiest areas of the capital,” – media report.

Meanwhile, it is MNO’s retail outlets who will account for the lion’s share of the demand, because the sole entrepreneurs who lost their shops after the demolition can no longer afford such a high rent.

According to Anton Belykh, DNA Realty CEO, the number of requests for search of up to 17-20 sq.m premises located near the metro has grown by 20%.

“Such premises are the most popular during crisis. The available areas in this segment do not exceed 5%, with a downward tendency to 1.5-2% under the current conditions,”- Belykh said.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty

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