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Over 24 million Russians of 16-55 y.o. shop online

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66087272-a9bd-44ce-a92e-01537511fa73.jpgShopping sites/applications account for almost 10% of time spent by Russians in the Internet, with purchases through mobile phones and applications getting increasingly popular.

Marketplaces are gaining increasingly higher ratings of major online brands, becoming the main entry point for an increasing number of online users searching for products in the Internet – also, the use of mobile applications adds to that.

These trends show that a new round of the rivalry for the shopper will take place on mobile devices. According to GfK Crossmedia Landscape 2017, social networks account for almost one third of the time spent by Russians in the Internet – the major type of online activities. 

Shopping websites/applications account for almost 10% of time (over 5 hours per month) spent by Russians in the Internet, with the share of this type of online activity remaining stable. Search engines and social networks are leaders in terms of the coverage of the Russian online audience, GfK’s report says.

At the same time, the role of marketplaces is growing in Russia – like everywhere globally. They are becoming an increasingly important entry point for online product search. Top-25 online brands (both desktop and mobile) already include five Russian platforms: Avito, AliExpress, Yandex.Market, Yula, Ozon. А noticeable increase in the e-сommerce audience in Russia is another trend, with the significant growth of 30% demonstrated in 2017, as compared to 25% in 2016  (source: GfK All-Russian Omnibus Survey). 

According to GfK, more than 24 million Russians aged 16-55 shop online. The second trend in the e-commerce market in Russia is the growth in the orders generated from mobile devices. The PC and laptop are still devices primarily used for online purchases, but their share in the total amount of online orders is gradually decreasing.

According to a joint survey by GfK and Yandex.Market, mobile orders accounted for 17% in Russian online stores and 22% in the cross-border commerce segment in September 2017. At the same time, almost 80% of purchases from mobile devices in foreign online stores were made through a mobile app, while for Russian online stores this indicator is still as low as 27%.

Based on the trends and speed of changes in the cross-media consumer behavior in Russia, GfK Rus believes, mobile retail will bring the competition in retail to a new level. The mobile phone will be increasingly often serving as entry point to the Internet, and mobile applications – as the place of purchase.

Source:  Gfk


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