«Online & Offline Retail 2018»: the number of March PLUS-Forum Sponsors and Partners is growing! - Information portal

«Online & Offline Retail 2018»: the number of March PLUS-Forum Sponsors and Partners is growing!

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336921941a7ea13c6618e5380e05dbbf.jpgAlfa-Bank, Checkpoint Systems, SUZOHAPP, Napoleon IT have already announced their support for the event to be held in Moscow on March 14-15, 2018. They have become General Sponsors of the PLUS-Forum «Online & Offline Retail 2018».

MPASS joined the Forum Chief Sponsors, following MLP and BIFIT.

The number of Forum partners has also increased to include Raiffeisenbank, SCANTECH, Interactive Group, Antor, SFOUR, Astral.OFD, DSSL, OFD-Ya, IT PING, BAK International, Plastic Online, Sproot.

The number of sponsors and partners of the 5th International PLUS Forum «Online & Offline Retail 2018» scheduled for March 14-15 next year continues to grow – as expected, since the PLUS-Forum is becoming more popular year by year. 

The PLUS-Forums track record shows that the participants consider our site as an information environment providing an opportunity to receive relevant first-hand information about modern business cases and technological solutions, evaluate the actual effectiveness of those and create pre-requisites for their own retail business development.

In 2017, the event was attended by over 1100 delegates. It is expected that more than 1200 professionals will take part in the next year's PLUS-Forum.

PLUS-Forum will traditionally bring together leading Russian and international experts in online and offline retail, owners, top managers and specialists of the retail chains, HoReCa businesses, online stores and banks from the Russian Federation and the FSU countries, representatives of equipment vendors and software solution providers, operators of relevant services, etc.

The March PLUS-Forum, the preparation for which is gaining momentum, will be traditionally dedicated to the current state and development prospects for the retail industry in the Russian Federation, FSU countries and globally.

This year the Forum participants will discuss the following topics:
• Retail 2018: business in today’s realities.  New leadership strategies. Successful cases. The opinions of top managers and strategists
• Offline retail chains: a battle for traffic
• E-commerce: how to survive in modern conditions. Business models, technologies, barriers
• State regulation and self-regulation in retail: interaction of retail chains and suppliers
• Cross-border and domestic e-commerce in Russia: problems of fair competition and state regulation
• Acquiring services at the present stage
• SME. Super expectations, Super popularity and Super indifference. 
• Technologies and retail. Investments in IT as today’s requirement
• Blockchain in retail. Application areas
• Retail and IoT: new opportunities or a tribute to fashion?
• Artificial intelligence: why the retail sector needs a digital mind?
• Loyalty and marketing in modern retail. Revision  of values
• Banks and retail: new formats of interaction. Retail chain as a channel of banking products cross-sales 
• A place on the shelf: factoring as a supplier’s chance   
• Supply chain management, fulfilment and logistics. Fundamentals of success. 
• Self checkout, vending and other self-service systems: novelties, cases, concepts
• Law 54-FZ: a new wave
• Integrated security of a retail object: from warehouse to counter
• Cash collection and self-collection, optimization of cash circulation cycle: looking up to leaders
• and more…

30725160ff88aa2e8f6be4e82e673f2a.jpgAlongside the PLUS-Forum conference, the most representative annual exhibition of specialized equipment and technologies from leading Russian and international companies will be open.

We invite speakers and vendors to participate in the event! To inform us about your decision, please write at: konstantin@plusworld.ru or call +7 925 005 40 05 (Konstantin Grizov, Deputy Chairman of the Steering Committee).

You can get registered as a PLUS-Forum delegate here. Hurry up, limited number of seats available!

We remind you that participation in the PLUS-Forum is free of charge for the representatives of the following organizations:
- retail chains,
- online stores,
- airlines,
- tour operators,
- filling stations,
- FMCG manufacturers 
- HoReCa,
- government entities.

Learn about the 4th PLUS-Forum «Online & Offline Retail 2017» from the materialsphotos and videos!

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