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Olga Narojnaya (COLIN’S) at the International PLUS Forum ‘Online&Offline Retail 2014’

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Olga Narojnaya (COLIN’S) at the International PLUS Forum ‘Online&Offline Retail 2014’Olga Narojnaya, Marketing Communications Director, COLIN’S, confirmed her participation as a speaker in the International PLUS Forum ‘Online&Offline Retail 2014’.

At the Forum the speaker will deliver a report under the title: “Digital signage experiences in COLIN’S shops in Russia”.

Thesis of the presentation: “From idea of client information box to COLIN’S Fashion mirror. Experiences and results”; “Interactive shop window – information or entertainment tool?”; “Future outlook of digital signage in retail”.

Olga Narojnaya has experience in advertising and PR sphere for 15 years, experience at the position of general director in advertising agency for 5 years, experience in fashion retail marketing for 7 years.

She worked in the position of PR and Advertising Director in Fashion retail company «Baltika Group» - brands: MONTON, MOSAIC, BALTMAN, IVO NIKKOLO in 2008-2011. Olga Narojnaya is Marketing Communications Director in Fashion retail company «GOLDEN HOME» - brand COLIN’S since 2011.

The Forum Steering Committee invites FMCG and HoReCa market operators to share their success in implementation of the market-sought projects in the course of the conference, round tables and networking.

More detailed information about the Forum topics can be found at PLUS-forum.com, the official website of the event where online-registration for Online & Offline Retail 2014 PLUS Forum is also open. 

The Steering Committee informs that for employees of retail chains, online-stores, airlines, tourist agencies, fuel stations and government agencies registered before 15 March, 2014, the participation fee and delegate package are free.    
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