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«OFD-Ya» guarantees the security

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The fiscal data operator "OFD-Ya" (https://ofd-ya.ru/) has completed the certification of the technical means on compliance to the 3rd class of security.

Since July 1, 2017, according to requirements of the updated Federal law №54, all trade organizations have to transfer online information on each sales check to tax authorities. Fiscal data operators have to provide passing and confidentiality of transmitted data.

The Yarus company (fiscal data processing trademark "OFD-Ya") remains the expert in working with large volumes of data, information protection and support of complex business processes during 8 years. Yarus company has got permission to processing of fiscal data and was included into the register of Federal Tax Service, and by now also had completed certification tests.

The received certificate certifies that AIS OFD "Yarus" LTD conforms to requirements imposed to the information systems of the 3rd class of security installed by the order of FSTEC of Russia of 11.02.2013 No. 17 "Regarding the approval of Requirements for the information protection which is not the state secret, contained in the state information system": 
"The security guarantee as well as the convenience and functionality of services are the priority of "OFD-Ya". Now, after passing the external audit of information security, we have confirmed officially our capability to provide data protection for our clients from unauthorized access and information security of our system" — the CEO of "OFD-Ya" Ilya Axelrod noted.

"OFD-Ya" has fulfilled the state requirements and provides safe and reliable business running to the clients.
Source:  "Yarus"


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