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Nokia wins its Russian market share back

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516702.jpgNokia gets into the Top 10 smartphone sellers in Russia in 2017.
In November 2017, Nokia won a market share of 2.6% by the number of smartphones it sold in Russia (coming 8th), outstripping Taiwan’s Asus (c. 2.5%) but losing to Britain’s Fly (3.1%). This data, shared by an electronics manufacturers’ partner, has been confirmed by Nokia. 
According to the same partner, the total number of smartphones sold in Russia in November was 2.2 million – which means that Nokia sold just above 57,000.
MTS accepts this estimate of Nokia’s market share. Nokia 3 and 5 smartphones are one of the best sellers here in the respective price brackets.
Valeria Andreeva, an M.Video representative, says that Nokia is currently offering five smartphones in Russia and that it is successfully competing in several price brackets, largely with the Chinese manufacturers. Ms Andreeva believes that the Nokia brand is great and strong. It has to be said that Nokia is targeting not only those who remember the Nokia of old, but also younger consumers.
Source:  Vedomosti


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