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Nielsen names top-50 largest FMCG brands in Russia

23 Декабря 2019, 16:24
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Nielsen names top-50 largest FMCG brands in Russia

fmszh.jpgFifty brands most popular with consumers in terms of sales in 2019 account for almost 30% of the FMCG market in Russia, according to Nielsen retail audit data. Despite the increasing consumer “anti-loyalty”, leading manufacturers managed to strengthen their market positions, and the list was expanded to include new participants, whose marketing strategy allowed them to make a breakthrough on their way to success with customers. Almost half of the list, 20 positions out of 50, was occupied by brands of the largest FMCG product categories in Russia: tobacco and alcohol.

Winston took the lead in the rating to account for almost 3% of the total value of FMCG sales in Russia, followed by Rothmans (1.62%) and L-D (1.13%). In the alcohol industry, the Baltika brand demonstrated the largest value of sales to become No 10. Moreover, another company’s product, Carlsberg beer (No 45), entered the top-50 list for the first time this year. Other newcomers in the alcoholic beverages category are Bud beer and Khortytsa vodka, which climbed unprecedented 29 lines over the year, demonstrating an example of an effective strategy to competitors. The brand is developing dynamically and increasing its market share, despite the stagnation in the vodka category as a whole. The Khortytsa sales growth occurred across all modern sales channels audited by Nielsen.

Among the food categories (excluding tobacco and alcohol), the Prostokvashino dairy brand remains the most popular among Russians. The brand has retained its leading positions, despite it moved two lines down in the rating list, taking the 6th line in 2019. Lay’s follows by a small margin, climbing, on the contrary, 2 points to become No 8. Coca-Cola leads in the category of soft drinks, with its place (11th) remaining the same compared to 2018.

This year, Milka chocolate products (+11 points, No 31), Yashkino confectionery products (+16th, No 40), as well as From Martin and Vkusnoteevo brands have strengthened their positions to enter the top-50 list for the first time ever.


The brand shares were assessed based on sales data in more than 200 product categories audited by Nielsen at the level of national urban Russia (settlements with a population exceeding 10 thousand people).

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