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New Partners Join PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail”

24 Января 2020, 16:26
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New Partners Join PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail”

новость_en.jpgNew partners have joined PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail” to be held in October. The PLUS-Forum offers a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends in offline retail, e-commerce and the payment industry, as well as introduce your business to the largest industry stakeholders.

The key topics of the Forum include:

• Retail 2020. Trends. Prospects
• Offline retail chains
• Government regulation and self-regulation
• Retail chains and suppliers
• Cross-border online retail
• Acquiring services
• Technology in retail. 
• Investments in IT as today’s demand 
• Loyalty and marketing
• Banks and retail
• Fulfillment and logistics
• Payment instruments in retail
• Security of a retail facility
• Cash collection and self-collection

To date, the following companies have supported the PLUS-Forum "Online & Offline Retail 2020" to become sponsors and partners of the event:

The Global Sponsor is Newland, one of the major manufacturers of AIDC equipment and distributors of high-quality data collection devices with CCD and CMOS matrices.

General Sponsors: QIWI, Stoloto, Vepay

Chief Sponsor: forecastNOW!

PLUS-Forum Partners: Aisber, Head Made, Genesis block, IT ping, InteractiveGroup, FDATA, Sim2M, STK Lighting Systems.

PLUS-Forum 2020 is expected to receive a wide audience of over 1500 professionals. 
Among them:

- lead experts in online and offline retail
- owners and top managers of retail chains, HoReCa and online stores
- top managers and lead experts of banking institutions
- representatives of market regulators
- management and experts of vendors of software solutions and equipment;
- representatives of other organizations.

Alongside the Conference, the most representative exhibition will be held where leading Russian and foreign companies will present their equipment and technology. There you will receive a unique opportunity to assess the real effectiveness of each presented solution through the example of specific business cases, and to learn how such innovations can be integrated into your own business in a most effective way. 
We invite speakers and vendors to take part in the new PLUS event. Email or call: tel .: +7 925 005 40 05 (Konstantin Grizov, Deputy Chairman of the PLUS-Forum Steering Committee). 

Don’t delay – get registered now as participant of October PLUS-Forum!  Limited number of seats available!
We remind you that participation is free for:
- retail chains
- HoReCa
- FMCG manufacturers
- government agencies
- fuel stations
- airlines.

Online & Offline Retail 2019: Highlights

At the Forum, participants in Session 1 “Retail 2019. Business in modern realities. New leadership strategies” gave their estimates of the current state of retail and discussed new development trends in the industry. According to Sergei Belyakov, ACORT Presidium Chairman, the market situation remains uneasy. In his speech, S. Belyakov analyzed the economic state of modern retail. According to him, the situation in which Russian retail operates is far from being optimistic today.

Alexey Grigoriev, METRO AG Chief Representative in Moscow, VP for External Corporate Policy, highlighted the importance of dialogue between the retail sector and the state. Modern trade in Russia should enjoy all the preferences provided at the legislative level. The government support in this regard should be in the form of deregulation, guarantees and incentives for small retailers.

Dmitry Rusakov, Head of Industry-Wide Projects and Programs, X5 Retail Group, also reminded of the need for interaction between business and the state on a single platform. He believes the state should focus on the formation of common data sources, while sellers should maintain an open dialogue with small retailers.

Mikhail Volkov, Deputy General Director for Operations Management and Retail, Russian Post, spoke about global trends and prospects for the development of small retail formats, as well as Russian Post’s plans in this area.

During Session 2 “Digital transformation of retail. Business and Technology” Vitaliy Porubov, Head of IT Strategies and Innovations at X5 Retail Group, spoke about technological innovations in retail, the main trends and experience of X5 Retail Group in this area.

Evgeny Bakhin, CIO, Inventive Retail Group, raised an urgent issue of the effectiveness of IT tools designed to increase the retailers’ revenues. According to the speaker, modern retailers need new technologies to keep up with the innovation race in retail. In this regard, working with startups is extremely important for the implementation of potentially successful pilots.

Speaking at Session 3A “E-Grocery”, Svetlana Vinogradova, Lead Marketing Expert at Hyperglobus-Direct Food, Globus Online Store, informed about the online store’s performance indicators in 2018 and plans for 2019/20.

Tatiana Podofedova, Head of Internet Marketing, E-commerce Department, Perekrestok, shared unique information about the company development and explained how to outstrip all competitors in just a year from the opening.

The first day of the PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail 2019” was also remembered by delegates for a high-profile round table “Payments, FPS, Acquiring”. These and other issues were discussed by representatives of the governance of the Bank of Russia, the National Payment Card System, and a number of major retailers and banks.

On the second day of the PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail 2019”, Mikhail Barabash, Head of CRM and Loyalty Programme, Jeans Symphony, spoke at Session 5 “Loyalty and Marketing in the Modern World” to share his personal experience in building a successful loyalty programme and to explain what myths accompany this process.

In his speech, Roman Romensky, Head of Sales, Center Technology company, Stoloto brand, touched upon the topic of cooperation between retailers and lotteries. According to the speaker, the year of 2014 – when interest and customer loyalty to the products began to grow – can be considered the starting point for the development of relations between retail and lottery in Russia.

Vladimir Gorbunov, Founder of Gorod loyalty programme for Troika cardholders, the largest loyalty program in Russia, spoke about the digitalization of the omnichannel loyalty programme as a new trend in the modern market.

Alexander Shurkaev, Head of Online Retail, Nielsen, opened Session 6 “E-commerce. Key drivers and new points of sales growth” to share the agency’s findings in the field of online sales. According to the expert, the volume of online sales in the FMCG segment will amount to USD400 billion (10-12% of the total FMCG sales) by 2022.

Larisa Romanovskaya, E-Commerce Manager at VkusVill, spoke about the versatility of e-commerce. She believes there are not enough variants of service delivery to the customer on the market. Meanwhile, it is the customers who should be given an opportunity to choose the most convenient service for making online purchases.

In his presentation, Alexey Skatin, First Deputy General Director for Infrastructure, Russian Post, spoke about the development of e-commerce for customers. Boris Kaptelov, CIO, YULA, informed about the role of classifieds in e-commerce.

In his presentation at Session 7 “Supply Chain Management, fulfillment and logistics. Basics of success”, Jako Vurspuige, Head of Transport and Logistics, GS1 Headquarters, spoke about the mail delivery system and global logistics, which require common standards. According to him, GS1 is working on that issue developing inclusive and multimodal solutions.

As part of the PLUS-Forum, the most representative annual exhibition of specialized equipment and technology from leading Russian and foreign companies was held.

The PLUS-Forum venue: 
Pavilion #4, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Moscow

Official hashtag of the Forum: #retailmoscow

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