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More than half of all auto-parts shoppers buy online

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Online sales are shifting into a higher gear for automotive parts retailers, according to a just-released study from United Parcel Service Inc. in partnership with comScore Inc. titled, “What’s Driving the Automotive Parts Online Shopper.” UPS studied the buying habits of 541 U.S. auto parts shoppers in March and found 56% are buying online, up from 48% a year ago.

More than half (55%) of those shoppers opt to pick up their online orders in store, up from 41% a year ago. 61% of shoppers who pick up orders in store likely will do so again, and that figure underscores the need for retailers with stores to connect their online and offline presence, the report says.

“Research suggests consumers want a seamless experience from their local auto-parts supplier, whether a large chain or local independent, across websites and apps, email and physical store locations,” said Brian Littlefield, director of industrial and automotive segment marketing for UPS.

A change in the way consumers comparison shop is helping to drive that shift toward purchasing online. UPS’s data found that mobile devices have a greater influence on purchasing decisions this year than they did in 2014. 43% of shoppers frequently use their mobile devices to comparison shop versus 16% last year.

UPS’s data also found:

Free shipping is nice, but it’s not the only factor influencing shopper behavior. While 81% of shoppers say free shipping is important, 53% said they’d pay to have their product shipped if it meant getting the exact product they wanted.
37% of shoppers who buy online prefer to buy in store, compared to 31% a year ago.
61% of all shoppers surveyed would rather shop online than in a store. data shows that 15 retailers in the Internet Retailer 2015 Top 500 Guide sell auto parts online. Those 15 retailers did a combined $2.631 billion in online sales in 2014.
Source:  Internet Retailer

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