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MasterCard PayPass Payments with Smartphones from MTS, Russian Standard Bank and MasterCard

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MOBILE MASTERCARD PAYPASS.jpgThe mobile operator MTS, Russian Standard Bank and the payment system MasterCard announced the expansion project to provide services to MTS contactless payments for goods and services from a mobile phone and enabling the implementation of NFC-payments to clients of the Bank. The decision allows the owners of bank cards MasterCard Russian Standard Bank using a smartphone with NFC-enabled quickly and securely pay for purchases worldwide "one-touch" with the use of contactless technology Mobile MasterCard PayPass.

In the offices of Russian Standard Bank of Moscow in addition to traditional bank credit card MasterCard you can get an additional bank card, "registered" on the MTS SIM-card, which is enough to replace the old SIM-card to a new one. Placed on the SIM-card as an attachment Russian Standard bank card turns your smartphone into a mobile wallet – to make a purchase smart enough to attach to the cash register terminal, equipped with a contactless reader MasterCard PayPass. After a few seconds of sound and light signals to confirm the purchase payment. Money for the transaction takes place with the bank card account.

To use the SIM-card banking application needs a smartphone with hardware support for NFC. In the salons of MTS are more than ten models of smartphones. In support of the new product MTS, Russian Standard Bank and MasterCard hold a special promotion: customers, making out NFC-bank card can be obtained in the offices of the bank code, which allows the operator to purchase a branded showrooms NFC-MTS 965 smartphone for just 500 rubles.

Plastic card and bank card on the SIM-card details are different, but connected by a single bank account - at the completion of one of these funds are available and on the other hand, if you pay with a card funds are debited from the other.

Source: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog

Source:  Just Another Mobile Phone Blog


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