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Mail.Ru Group tests its proprietary marketplace Pandao

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panda_at_the_zoo_by_stealthbeetle.jpgPandao lists direct offers from Chinese vendors. 

A new platform offering products from Chinese manufacturers and vendors was launched in Russia this September. The new marketplace, under the Pandao brand, can be accessed at and The About section of the website says that ‘the service is made available by LLC’, indicating the details of a legal entity with the Mail.Ru Group and the address of the online holding company’s headquarters in Moscow. As follows from Ru-Center, the domain registration service, changed hands from a private owner to Mail.Ru LLC on 2 September. 

The website is offering over 170,000 products in multiple categories: men’s and women’s clothes and footwear, electronics, spare parts for vehicles, cosmetics, stationery, etc. Sellers include Chinese wholesalers (TomTop, Chinabrends, Elenxs). Purchases can be paid by Visa and MasterCard bank cards or through Apple Pay and Android Pay; and are delivered by Russian Post. 

Pandao mobile apps for Android and iOS are already available from Google Play and App Store. According to App Annie, the Pandao app ranked 77th in the overall Russian App Store rating and 9th in the Purchases category as at 12 October. In Google Play’s top apps, Pandao ranked 43rd; in Purchases, 8th. 

The company has already embarked on marketing campaigns. The app description at App Store says that buyers are given bonus points for orders and Pandao-related reviews and posts on social media. According to social media’s official pages, its strengths include ‘low prices and a good quality of translation and photos.’ 

No comments were available from Mail.Ru Group’s Director for Strategic Communications Georgy Lobushkin. 

Experts believe that the new platform may come to rival AliExpress. 

Source: RBC 

Source:  RBK


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