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Ma Labs Joins TouchSystems as a Distributor

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touch.jpgTouchSystems continues to grow. The company announced a new distribution relationship with Ma Labs, one of the world’s premiere IT distributors. The relationship benefits both Ma Labs and TouchSystems. 

Carol Nordin, president of TouchSystems, says, “The new partnership couldn't come at a better time. Demand for our touch products is growing, and, in order to meet that demand, we have to have our products readily available. Working with Ma Labs helps us to achieve that goal, and it also helps Ma Labs. They have long wanted to bundle some of their products with our touch screens to create all-in-one solutions for their customers. We're happy to help with that aim.” 

Robbie Chikhani of Ma Labs agrees. “Being one of the top distributors for desktop monitors and large format displays and with the formation of Ma Labs' new Digital Signage division, the touch product from TouchSystems is a natural addition that fully complements our product offerings and adds value to the solution sales for our customers,” he says. “Furthermore, with a sales force of 175 people and six warehouses strategically located nationwide, Ma Labs will be a great extension to the TouchSystems' sales and marketing arm. Ma Labs is very excited about the formation of this new partnership with TouchSystems. The synergy between the two companies was immediately apparent to both teams.”
Source:  TouchSystems


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