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It is now just over a week until Shoptalk Europe!

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e1f799394705b7530a4b88303b33e321.pngIn this last year we have built a pan-European community centred on innovation in retail and ecommerce, where no such thing existed before. We are really excited to welcome together over 2,250 executives from over 5o countries to Copenhagen in October (8-11). 

The unprecedented scaling of Shoptalk Europe mirrors the success of Shoptalk U.S., the event which grew from 3,100 attendees to 5,500 in its first two years. 

And now we have some amazing news to announce: Shoptalk will now bring these two communities together to create one, global dialogue on retail and ecommerce. We have more in common than what divides us and the future of retail is coming for all of us - find out more and be a part of the first global event focussing on innovation in retail & ecommerce, in Las Vegas, March 2018.

Your discount code is RANDL150, for a value of €150.
Attendees can enter the discount code on the second page of the ticket registration page,    

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