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Independents' Day campaign launches today

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независимые.jpgThe National Skills Academy for Retail has announced the launch of this year's “Independents' Day” campaign which celebrates independent retailers and the diversity they bring to the UK's high streets.
Now in its third year, the campaign has joined forces with the Independent Retailer Month campaign which runs throughout July. Over the next three months, in the run up to 4 July, retailers will be encouraged to organise celebratory events in their stores and also to join forces with other retailers, town centre teams and skills shops for town-wide celebrations.
For the first time, a package of training and business support is being made available to retailers which includes WorldHost customer service training and a guide to successful retailing covering business planning, finance, sales and marketing, buying and visual merchandising. Similar support packages are available to independent retailers in Wales, through the Thriving High Street campaign, and in Northern Ireland.
Jane Rexworthy, head of the National Skills Academy for Retail said: "Independent retailers make up 92% of all retail businesses in the UK and their contribution to a location’s identity and community is unrivalled. We recognise how important they are to local economies and to create a healthier high street, and we are delighted to give independent retailers a voice to reach out the public. "Throughout the campaign we aim to raise the importance of independent retailers with consumers, encouraging people to shop locally, throughout the year, and particularly on Thursday 4 July."
Clare Rayner, The Retail Champion and founder of the Support for Independent Retail campaign, added: "I’m delighted to work alongside the NSA for Retail, and it’s great to have this national, consumer-facing event as a kick start to this year’s Independent Retailer Month. "Whilst we’re focusing on celebrating our smaller retailers and consumer facing businesses it is important to remind ourselves that in the second half of 2012, and for the first time in over two years, more independent shops closed than opened. "It’s imperative that our independent retailers get the support of their local community to survive and thrive in very challenging trading conditions. Consumers need to appreciate that local traders, like any business, need customers to survive."
Source:  The Retail Bulletin


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