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IKEA to rent out furniture to Russians

03 Июня 2019, 17:58
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IKEA to rent out furniture to Russians

витрина IKEA.jpgIn the future, IKEA will be renting out furniture in Russia, says Patrick Anthony, board chairman of Ingka Group in Russia that includes the IKEA chain.  

He says the company has developed a strategy for reusing and recycling of furniture and intends to make the product life cycle longer. Renting out furniture is part of this strategy, P. Anthony stressed. 

He admits that they have no specific plan in this regard at the moment, but leasing will be introduced in the future in all markets where IKEA is present.  

Earlier in April, the concern tested furniture rental projects in the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Poland, and plans to extend this approach to thirty more countries by 2020. 

P. Anthony has recalled that IKEA Loyalty Club members can sell to each other furniture and other goods that they do not use any more. 

In the future, the concern intends to organize a physical storage so that people could bring there space-consuming items to be exhibited for sale by the company.

Источник: RIA News

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