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Huawei to install Russian OS on its smartphones

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17.06.2019 Количество просмотров 169 views
ba48d4cb0cb02237b9bb3ccc46abf0c5.jpgBecause of US Government sanctions imposed on Huawei, the Chinese company may replace Android on its smartphones with Russian OS “Aurora”, according to TASS with a reference to unidentified sources. 

Media sources announced that China has already started testing devices with preinstalled Aurora. 

At PMEF 2019 the topic was discussed between Guo Ping, deputy chairman of Huawei, and Konstantin Noskov, Russian minister of digital development and communications, as well as between Russian President Vladimir Putin and PRC Chairman Xi Jinping. 

Recall that Google froze all business activities with Chinese Huawei at the end of May 2019, because the latter was placed on a black list.


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