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Google Unveils ‘Full Value Of Mobile’ Platform

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google_the_fulll_value_of_mobile_preview.jpgGoogle unveiled Full Value of Mobile, a new platform that allows mobile advertisers to gauge the success of their campaigns via smartphones and tablets.

The program focuses on ad spend relative to actual sales, allowing advertisers to quickly gauge how effective their mobile campaigns have become. The program offers a calculator that attaches to Google Adwords and it measures both online and offline conversions.

Google has been on a tear lately thanks to integration with its mobile platform and Google analytics, a program that allows mobile marketers to determine how pageviews are correlated with sales via their Adwords campaign.

In a blog post for the new platform Johanna Werther, head of Mobile Ads Marketing writes: “With more work to be done to improve measurement tools, most marketers still account only for sales happening on a mobile site and aren’t seeing the full picture.”

Google’s new cost analysis platform arrives just as the industry is forecasted to take in $11.4 billion in mobile advertising for 2013.

The Value of Mobile was announced just ahead of Yelp’s own cost vs. value estimation tool for small businesses. Unlike Google which measures the full spectrum of Adwords advertising, Yelp focuses only on how its service affects a businesses earnings.

Using the new calculator provides “simple equations and benchmarks” that examine various aspects of a mobile marketing campaign. For example, the program can tell a business how many people have phoned them thanks to an ad spot. The platform can also examine cross-device campaigns against single platform campaigns to determine which mobile users are engaging and buying from a business.

Google says the new Value of Mobile calculator takes about 30 minutes to integrate and will provide metrics for value, value per click and ROI for each campaign launched by a business.

With mobile advertising taking center stage lately we can expect to see even more advances from the Value of Mobile platform in the near future.



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