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Ecommerce in the fashion industry grows in the UK

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Clothing and footwear were the most purchased items online in the UK in 2014, where 7 out of 10 consumers bought fashion items at least once via the internet (36 million people), a recent reseach study reveals.

Operators working in the online fashion channel in the UK are very dynamic and the landscape is rapidly changing, according to a research study issued by the consultancy company Icex. It is a booming market that offers many possibilities for fashion companies.

However, it is becoming increasingly competitive, as retailers have realised its great potential and are targeting online shopping. Men, a segment that historically bought less than women, are increasingly more likely to buy fashion items, and also more likely to buy online.

Multichannel stores are still consumers' favourites, which may pose a threat to stores that sell purely online as they will have to increase their efforts to maintain their profits.

Source:  The Paypers

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