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eBay and Russian Post integrate their services for exporters

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20.03.2018 Количество просмотров 624 views
ce659cb535fa32b4fed73f0f361ca220.jpgThe statement was made by Ilya Kretov, General Manager, eBay Russia and Emerging Europe, at the PLUS-Forum «Online & Offline Retail 2018» that took place in Moscow on March 14-15. 

According to Ilya Kretov, the integration of solutions for exporters was launched last week. «It is not our intention to just merge the two services into one. The idea is to get 3 or 4 services out of 1 + 1 to make it a simple, convenient and understandable product for an exporter sending goods to the buyer who ordered them on eBay», said I. Kretov. 

Besides, eBay and Russian Post consider such integration in the context of simplifying the system as a whole, solving all the problems, so that to make logistics reliable and to cure exporters’ «headache» associated with using these solutions.

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