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E-Commerce Provider Payelp Global Partners with SafetyPay to Expand Online Payment Options for Merchants and Customers Worldwide

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Money-Online.jpgPayelp Global (a subsidiary of DengiOnline), an e-commerce platform enabling online merchants to accept credit cards, PayPal, direct debit, mobile payments, kiosk payments and more, just partnered with SafetyPay to expand opportunities for merchants and partners of both companies.

SafetyPay is a payment gateway headquartered in Florida that has a considerable presence in South America, Central America and Europe. SafetyPay's motto is "shop globally, pay locally," because the company offers a patented e-payment process that enables customers with an online bank account to make online purchases from merchants worldwide and pay directly through their bank account in their local currency; this offers merchants a fraud and chargeback-free solution for customers to pay online.

Payelp Global is an online payment platform offering merchants over 300 payment gateways (including SafetyPay) through one contract with Payelp. This means that an online retailer can get a merchant account with Payelp and be able to offer their online customers the ability to pay with credit cards, PayPal, e-check, direct debit, cash transfers, prepaid and gift cards, kiosk payments, virtual Visa, mobile payments and now SafetyPay (online banking payment solution), all available worldwide (payment options are available in 74 countries).

The partnership will do more than just allow Payelp's merchants to be able to offer SafetyPay as a payment option - it will also allow Payelp's payment gateways (over 300 worldwide) to be offered as payment options to SafetyPay's merchants, and vice versa. Payelp can now offer SafetyPay as a payment option to other gateways, as well as SafetyPay's other payment partners. This is possible through Payelp's "Global Service Gateway," which enables two-way integration for payment service providers and merchants.

When payment gateways and merchants integrate with Payelp, they can be directly connected to Payelp's other payment gateways and merchants, as well as the payment gateway's merchants. In addition, Payelp is able to work directly with the payment providers' merchants and other payment gateways through GSG. It is a revolutionary new payment gateway that is starting to change the payment industry landscape.

Albert Donahue, CEO of Payelp Global stated, "We are delighted to start our business relationship with SafetyPay. I am confident our mutually beneficial business relationship will be successful not only for both of our companies and our merchants, but also with our GSG (Global Service Gateway), Payelp's newest product, where we will explore new possibilities that will raise more potential overall in our payment system strategies globally."

Source:  Payelp Global


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