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DIY Union is going to consolidate up to 50% of purchasing of all the retail companies – members of the Union within 3-5 years. Now the Union includes ten regional DIY networks with total consolidated proceeds of 43 bln rubles. Currently the members of the Union are Yekaterinburg Trest CKM (SuperStroy and StroyArsenal networks), Blesk from Archangelsk, StroyGigant from Kursk, Perestroika from Novosibirsk, ELKO from Astrakhan, Vector from Penza, Kenguru from Ivanovo, Yuzhny from Tyumen, Agava from Kazan, Technosystema from Novokuznetsk and Stroypark from Tomsk.

The Union conducts negotiations regarding joining of Domocenter from Novosibirsk (brand names Domocenter, Abris, Stroykin, Praktik and Prorab) which is considered one of the key players of DIY market in Siberial region.

The amount of entrance and monthly fees were not published. According to a source from one of the regional DIY networks the initial contribution for the Union members is 1 mln rubles, the amount of monthly payment is 200 thousand rubles (100 thousand in the beginning).


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