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Czech Republic legalizes sale of marijuana

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10.12.2012 Количество просмотров 749 views
marijuana.jpgThe Czech Parliament has decided to allow pharmacies to sell medical marijuana as prescribed by doctors. Both marijuana itself and drugs derived from it will be on sale. The law will come into force next year.

In 2013 only imported marijuana will be sold. However, later, the European State Institute for Drug Control will issue licenses to grow cannabis to local producers.

Czech drug laws previously allowed cultivation and use of cannabis, but up until now its sale was prohibited. According to one of the bill's authors, Pavel Bem, "the law aims to make marijuana available to patients who have a need for it, and use it despite it being illegal.”

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the world. In medical practice it is used to reduce pain in patients with cancer.
Source:  Voice of Russia, RBC


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