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China and Russia plan to develop blockchain and AI solutions for business

23 Декабря 2019, 16:30
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China and Russia plan to develop blockchain and AI solutions for business

c9a3189d4830bbc976901b72a16b83d3.jpgChinese software developer Vinci Group partners with Russian blockchain company Jovi Technologies to develop one-box product solutions for corporate clients in Russia based on digital finance and AI technology.

Vinci Group is developing a diversified product line. Its main components include the Vinci messenger, a mobile application for confidential communication, and digital commerce tools.

Jovi is a developer of one-box blockchain solutions for businesses operating in various sectors of the economy. The Jovi’s partner network includes Energogarant insurance company and ZAO Krok.

Ecosystems of Vinci Group and Jovi Technologies are complementary and have a high potential of possible synergies in the field of implementing blockchain technologies for small businesses, developing integrated products, creating special offers for customers of both companies.

Hong Kong finds the Russian market promising and shows its interest in developing cooperation with relevant companies operating in the field of information security, IoT and AI. The Russian counterpart believes the partnership with China will open opportunities for augmenting potential in the area of enabling technologies.

Vinci’s CEO Gary Ng: “To create a successful IT product, it’s not enough to have in place a user-friendly interface and a million dollars for marketing. Of no less importance are right partners for the organization of sales, implementation, consultations and elimination of technical difficulties. The agreements we signed with Jovi Technologies mark the beginning of a fruitful cooperation that allows us combine our technological and intellectual resources. We believe our partnership will boost the development of the digital economy in both countries, resulting in the rapid development of modern and popular blockchain services that will change the common paradigms of goods and services consuming.”

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