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CBS Outdoor Survey Finds Low Consumer Awareness of NFC but Remains Upbeat about Technology

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iphonenfc.jpgA recently released consumer survey by U.S.-based outdoor media company CBS Outdoor and UK-based consumer research company Kantar Media found that only 8% of the survey’s respondents were aware of NFC, up from 6% the preceding year.

The second annual Interactive Europe report surveyed 5,283 “urban” consumers in France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK about their experience with interactive out-of-home advertising. The report also included statements from brands and three out-of-home ad campaign case studies to promote interactive outdoor advertising. CBS Outdoor would like to increase use of interactive billboards and other outdoor panels.

The survey showed consumers had the most awareness of QR codes and that awareness was up substantially in 2012, to 54%, from 40% in 2011, the only technology to show a noticeable increase from the previous year. Also, 31% of respondents said they were aware of promotional text codes and 23% were familiar with touch-screen advertising, according to the survey.

“Yet, in spite of the phenomenally fast uptake of the (smartphone) devices themselves, the great majority of people still remain relatively poorly informed about what interactive technologies are available to them,” said the report, noting the large increase in awareness of QR codes was the exception. The report added: “The results also tell us that for the second consecutive year, NFC still records relatively low awareness. However, as more and more smart devices are NFC-enabled, we expect to see a significant uplift in the short-term.”

The report noted that NFC could be used with outdoor advertising to accomplish a number of “campaign objectives,” including enabling users to tap to download an app or music; drive consumers to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter; allow them to view movie trailers or other Web content; and let them make an immediate purchase or find a store location. NFC tags also could allow consumers to collect and redeem coupons or other discount vouchers and tickets or to get a loyalty card, said the report.



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