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Belgian ecommerce reaches EUR 1.97 billion in Q2 2015

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Nearly 6.7 million consumers in Belgium purchased products and services online worth of EUR 1.97 billion in Q2, 2015, a recent research study reveals.

Ecommerce now accounts for 14% of all spending in the local market, according to a recent report issued by BeCommerce, Belgian association for companies active in distance selling, reports. If ecommerce in Belgium develops at the same pace by end of 2015, it will surpass the EUR 7 billion threshold.

In Q1, 2015, Belgians spent EUR 2.1 billion online, so the amount has somewhat decreased during Q2, 2015, but, nonetheless, it’s still 72.6% of the population above 15 years of age that shopped online during this temporal interval. On average, Belgians spent EUR 103 per online purchase.

In Flanders, 3.88 million people shopped online, who spent EUR 294 euro each on average. As a result, EUR 1.14 billion was spent online on products and service in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. In Wallonia and Brussels, there were 2.82 million Belgians who purchased something online and spent on average EUR 293 per shopper. But, in this part of Belgium ecommerce was worth just EUR 830 million.

Almost three in four online purchases consist of products. Online products only account for 42%. In terms of services, the online share is 59% for the likes of airplane tickets and accommodations. 84% of all purchases in this category happen online.

The laptop is being used by 52% of Belgian online shoppers, while the desktop accounts for 33.9%. Meanwhile, the tablet is getting more popular and is now being used by almost 10% of the Belgian population. The smartphone is still lagging behind, as this device was being used by just 2.6% during Q2, 2015.

The credit card was the most popular payment method during Q2, 2015. About one in three online purchases (35%) was completed by using this card. Bancontact/Mister Cash (30%) and PayPal (12%) are two other very popular payment methods in Belgium.
Source:  The Paypers

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