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Autopay Kiosks Bring Bill-Pay Convenience to UK Communities

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AUTOPAY.jpgPaying council tax, rent, business rates and other council invoices will be made even easier with the addition of new autopay kiosks in Enfield council buildings across the borough.

The kiosks, which take cash (and give change), debit and credit cards, and give receipts will be available in the following buildings from the 25 March: Enfield Civic Centre, Edmonton Centre, John Wilkes House, Enfield Highway Library, Palmers Green Library (once redeveloped). Cheques at the Civic Centre will still be accepted by cashiers, and there will be staff available to help anyone who needs it.

Cllr Andrew Stafford, Cabinet Member for Finance and Property said “Enfield Council has to make significant savings to the tune of £81m to settle the budget over four years. Our residents and customers can help us save money by setting up direct debits, paying online or using one of the new autopay kiosks.

"We've listened to what our customers told us when we first suggested introducing these kiosks, and as a result of the feedback we received the new payment machines will give receipts and change as well as taking card payments.  

"We are installing them across the borough so they are accessible at a range of locations where they will be frequently used, and they will give residents a more convenient way to pay their bills. 

"Setting up a direct debit is still the easiest way to pay, and we would urge as many residents to sign up to direct debits as possible."

Source:  Enfield Council


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