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Apple 50 Billion App Store Downloads Compare to Android Google Play’s 48 Billion

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App-Store.jpegApple's iTunes app store reached 50 billion downloads, meaning that one lucky iTunes user will soon be receiving a $10,000 iTunes gift card. Two weeks ago, as Apple was nearing its 50 billion app store download, the company posted a competition rewarding whomever happens to download the 50 billionth app from the App store with a $10,000 iTunes gift card. According to Apple, the grand prize winner will be announced soon.

Apple's website is acknowledging the achievement with a simple "Thanks" on a iPad written using the award-winning iPad app Paper by FiftyThree, MacRumors reported. 

It took nearly 3 years and 8 months to accumulate the first 25 billion Apple app store downloads. For the next 25 billion downloads, it only took about 14.5 months, per MacRumors. That means Apple's pace is now at over 20 billion downloads per year or over 50 million per day. Since the launch of the iTunes app store, Apple has approved nearly 1.2 million apps, nearly 850,000 of which are currently available in the store.

As TechCrunch pointed out, it's hardly a coincidence that the Apple 50 billion apps download announcement should fall on the same day as Google's keynote address launching Google I/O, its yearly developers conference.

Of course, Google had good news as well. On stage at Google I/O yesterday, the company announced they had reached 48 billion app downloads in Google Play. 

Apple and Google are now almost neck to neck in the race for app downloads. Apple had a head start seeing as iTunes was launched earlier than Google Play. But Google could be catching up sooner, seeing as there are almost twice as many Android users around the world. There are over 500 million active Apple iTunes accounts in 155 countries, NDTV reporred. Meanwhile Google announced that there have been 900 million Android activations so far.

But we can't just look at the number of downloads as, TechCrunch noted, it doesn't take into account paid vs. free apps.

NDTV noted that a recent report by marker research firm Canalys said that Apple's app store generated $1.48 billion in revenue, or roughly 74 percent of the $2.2. billion in revenue that app stores across all mobile platforms collectively made in the first quarter of this year. Google's Play store's revenue in contrast accounted for only 18 percent. In terms of revenue, Apple is still the clear leader.

Apple had a similar competition for the 25 billionth app store download. Last year, a Chinese resident Fu Chunli became the person to download the 25 billionth Apple iTunes app. She received the grand prize of $10,000 after touring Apple's corporate headquarters in Beijing.

Chunli had purchased her iPhone only a month before she downloaded the winning app. When she received an email from Apple notifying her of the prize, she thought it was fake until the congratulatory calls came pouring in from her friends.

Source:  iDigital Times


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