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A ban on US goods import to Russia?

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90a5aa33f09cdfe6cf096347b2ce941a.jpgA bill for tit-for-tat sanctions the USA and other countries was brought to the State Duma.
The Vedomosti reports the draft law was introduced by State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and  leaders of four parliamentary groups.
According to the explanatory note attached to the document, the Government may ban or restrict import of agricultural products, raw materials, foods, medicines, alcohol, tobacco and other goods from the USA or other countries. 
The draft law provides for limited government procurement of US technological goods and software. The Government and regions are suggested to work out import substitution mechanisms for American goods, works, and services.
The document also mentions other restrictions like the list of foreigners ‘inadmissible’ into Russia, etc. United Russia leader Sergey Neverov and State Duma Chairman Deputy of Communist Party (CPRF) believe the sanctions against the USA and other countries will have an additional positive effect on the Russian economy development. According to S.Neverov, the restriction will not apply to personal articles.
State Duma Council discussed the draft law on Monday, April 16, and it will be reviewed during the next session after its study by experts and the Government.
On April 6 the US Finance Ministry imposed sanctions on 24 Russian businessmen and high officials, as well as 15 companies related to them. New sanctions forbid American residents from dealing with people and entities from the black list. Businesses and individuals from other jurisdictions may suffer secondary sanctions, should they violate such restriction.

Source:  kommersant.ru


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