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62% of Russians are spending on food and utility services more than half of their income

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4ek.jpgAccording to regular survey RusIndex by Synovate Comcon well-being of Russians dropped sharply. Whereas in 2009-2013 the material self-esteem of the population improved, in 2014-2015 this trend has changed

So, in Q3. 2015 the financial position as "below average" estimate 60% of Russians, compared with 52% in 2013. Moreover, actively growing proportion of respondents who spend on food, more than half of their income: the share of such families increased by 13 percentage points in Q3. 2015 compared to 2013.

Such significant reduction in material well-being of Russians can be explained by the fact that in the years between crises people do not make enough margin of savings. Since an increase in the welfare of those years, the population tries to compensate what currently denied before: personal technology, tourism, leisure, automobiles.

So, in 2013 the proportion of people who save money often or fairly regularly was only 8%. The number of people who think about the savings behavior - much more: 41% in 2013. A little more often began to think about savings in 2015: 43% in Q3 2015 were agreed with the statement "the savings should be done necessarily, even denying themselves to bare necessities". But now, put off getting nothing: only 5% of Russian citizens to save money for the future in Q3 2015.

Interesting that the most typically think about savings for the older generation (55-64 years). And a significantly more save money respondents with high self-esteem of the material.


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