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3 Vital Trends of 2013

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2013.pngInnovation Marketing recently released a report listing three industry trends to watch for in 2013, citing the recent news surrounding the partnership between Intel and AVT to further develop automated retail and intelligent vending.

3 Vital Trends of 2013," the report highlights the following:

Automation: As technology evolves and new chip designs allow for innovative, highly interactive systems, we will see the entire retailing industry continue to evolve toward automation.
Health care: Every aspect of health care delivery will focus on reducing costs ... from evaluating and reducing the number of unnecessary procedures, to automated prescription dispensing machines ... it's all about efficiency.
Consumer experience: Customer experience has become the only source of long-term competitive advantages, and today the main barrier to great experiences isn't the tech it's the customer experience through all touchpoints over time.

Shannon Illingworth, founder and chairman of AVT, said he is pleased that his company's products and technology have been cited in the 2013 Trend Report. Our focus continues to be on developing systems that provide ways for retailers to expand into new markets, and enable entrepreneurs to start their own businesses," he said. "We know that the future will demand more efficient retail delivery systems, and we continually innovate to remain at the forefront of this industry.
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