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21DIAMONDS’ Online Success Goes Global With hybris Commerce Accelerator

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21-diamonds-en.jpghybris, a leading provider of omni-channel commerce software, announced that following the success of using hybris to launch its first online store in 2011, 21DIAMONDS, an online retailer specializing in selling handcrafted jewellery, has used the hybris Commerce Accelerator solution to drive its international expansion online across 18 international geographies, including 12 countries in Europe (Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the UK), as well as the USA, Brazil, Russia, India and Australia.

In 2011, with the website as its only retail channel, 21DIAMONDS needed to develop an online store that offered the luxury and service of a well-appointed boutique as well as the functionality of a world-class online shopping experience. In addition, because they wanted to launch the store in time for the Christmas gift season, they had less than 12 weeks to make it happen. Given the aggressive launch schedule, 21DIAMONDS decided to use the hybris Commerce Accelerator, hybris’ ready-to-use commerce solution that enables retailers to jump-start their efforts and easily build and maintain a feature-rich commerce site. As a fully functional storefront built on the hybris Commerce framework, the hybris Commerce Accelerator provides a pre-configured foundation that incorporates best-practice omni-channel commerce functionality with integrated Web, order management, and call center capabilities. The hybris Commerce Accelerator reduces implementation time and cost for fast and successful project completion.

“We attach great importance to the art of German jewellery making” said Emanual Schleussinger, CTO at 21DIAMONDS. “Casting, polishing, and setting are all done by highly skilled professionals and each piece of jewellery must be verified for quality and authenticity before being shipped. Our online store needed to reflect this superior level of quality and care. We used 100 percent of the hybris Commerce Accelerator framework which really speeded implementation and simply took care of a lot of the details for us,” said Schleussinger. “This allowed 21DIAMONDS to focus on our core business – selling high-quality, custom jewellery.”

As one of the key features of hybris Commerce Accelerator is that it enables rapid entry into global markets with built-in support for multiple currencies and languages, 21DIAMONDS again used hybris Commerce Accelerator to realize its plans for an aggressive international expansion. Removing the need for discrete systems, hybris Commerce Accelerator aided the company to launch local language online stores in an unprecedented number of worldwide geographies within the first half of 2012.

Commenting on the success of the implementation, Ariel Lüdi, CEO of hybris, said: “It has been hugely exciting working with 21DIAMONDS and being part of its market launch and international success story. Because the site is built on our powerful hybris platform, it can grow and expand to keep up with business requirements and customer expectations over time. In addition to enable it to rapidly roll-out across 18 global geographies, with hybris Commerce Accelerator, 21DIAMONDS was also able to increase the turn-over from its new online stores by rapidly expanding their assortment of product offerings with more than 6,500 products in the new watches and costume jewellery categories.”

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