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LavkaLavka and TalkBank issue the world's first payment card with loyalty system's tokens
18:31 22.06.2018 Количество просмотров 54 views

The world's first payment card with Biocoin tokens is available from retailer LavkaLavka’s stores and website and from the website of TalkBank,  bank No 1 in messengers, from 20 June 2018.
MediaMarktSaturn acquires stake in Russian CE market leader and transfers Russian business to’s parent company SAFMAR Group
09:02 20.06.2018 Количество просмотров 55 views

MediaMarktSaturn (Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH) is to acquire a 15% stake in Russia’s leading consumer electronics retailer PJSC (‘’). The seller is the majority shareholder, the SAFMAR Group, with which a corresponding agreement has been signed.
World Cup 2018: how to pay for purchases at stadiums? Payment Memo from
12:42 09.06.2018 Количество просмотров 135 views has prepared a special payment memo for fans to make their stay at the football tournament more comfortable, safe and increase their financial awareness.
SIM cards in Russia to be sold though kiosks
14:33 23.05.2018 Количество просмотров 127 views

This refers to SIM-card vending machines capable of identifying the prospective subscriber.
Now you can pay for taxi in Russia by card
16:16 18.05.2018 Количество просмотров 127 views

Maxim Service in collaboration with Sberbank has implemented international acquiring functionality in the taxi application. Residents of 189 countries can now pay for taxi in Russia using their cards.
How World Cup 2018 branded products are sold in Russia: OFD Platform Review
18:34 08.05.2018 Количество просмотров 119 views

OFD Platform conducted an express review of consumer demand for World Cup 2018 branded items.
Fifth International PLUS-Forum «Online & Offline Retail 2018»: first results
17:56 25.04.2018 Количество просмотров 200 views

Mediaholding PLUS-Alliance held its Fifth International PLUS-Forum «Online & Offline Retail 2018» in Moscow on March 14 - 15. The Forum’s focus was on the current status and outlook for the retail industry in Russia, CIS and far-abroad countries.
Big data + Internet of Things = smart retail economy
18:11 24.04.2018 Количество просмотров 193 views

Wijnand Jongen, famous author and lector exploring future of retail and e-commerce.
A ban on US goods import to Russia?
10:48 19.04.2018 Количество просмотров 172 views

A bill for tit-for-tat sanctions the USA and other countries was brought to the State Duma.
Who is to feed VIP guests of World Cup 2018?
13:21 10.04.2018 Количество просмотров 185 views

FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee has announced the companies selected to feed the guests of VIP and VVIP zones at the stadiums hosting the event scheduled for June 14 - July 15.
AliExpress introduces group discounts in Russia
13:11 29.03.2018 Количество просмотров 228 views

During the sale on March 28, arranged by AliExpress to celebrate its 8th anniversary of operation in the Russian Federation, customers will gain access to the group purchase feature.
eBay and Russian Post integrate their services for exporters
18:08 20.03.2018 Количество просмотров 246 views

The statement was made by Ilya Kretov, General Manager, eBay Russia and Emerging Europe, at the PLUS-Forum «Online & Offline Retail 2018» that took place in Moscow on March 14-15.
International PLUS-Forum Online & Offline Retail 2018 to start in less than a month!
18:16 22.02.2018 Количество просмотров 269 views

The Fifth International PLUS-Forum «Online & Offline Retail 2018», scheduled for March 14-15, is expected to be one of the most representational events as regards the list of speakers. And yet their number, as well as the number of partners, continues to grow.
Yandex.Taxi and Uber merged
14:51 14.02.2018 Количество просмотров 311 views

Yandex.Taxi and Uber closed the deal to merge the companies’ business in Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan, Yandex reported.
AliExpress lanched Low-coster, a new subbrand in Russia on February 5
17:53 12.02.2018 Количество просмотров 422 views

According to the information received from a company representative, the new format was developed specifically for the Russian Federation.
UPS growth accelerates in 2017
12:17 05.02.2018 Количество просмотров 354 views

Announces Positive 2018 Outlook.
The E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2018 has released its full agenda!
13:19 31.01.2018 Количество просмотров 338 views

The doors to the E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2018 are opening in two weeks and you can now officially take a look at the agenda!
Stadiums in World Cup 2018 host cities will sell beer
09:59 30.01.2018 Количество просмотров 415 views

The International Football Federation has confirmed its right to sell beer in the stadiums of cities where the 2018 World Cup will be held.
The end of online shopping explained in five trends
18:45 26.01.2018 Количество просмотров 546 views

The retail sector is experiencing unprecedented changes. To understand what is happening, we need to recognise a wider pattern of transformation. Offline and online will become one. The Italian philosopher Luciano Floridi invented a phrase for this: onlife. When consumers can have a seamless shopping...
Vote for your favorite companies  at the E-Commerce Berlin Awards 2018!
17:26 17.01.2018 Количество просмотров 535 views

More than 200 companies have successfully entered the E-Commerce Berlin Awards 2018 and now it’s your turn to vote!


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