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Visa to make money from installment purchases of home appliances
14:48 15.07.2019 Количество просмотров 22 views

Visa, a major global payment system, decides to grasp for a piece of the POS-financing market demonstrating annual growth of 15%.
Third wave of 54-FZ is over: business migrates to online cash registers
13:26 08.07.2019 Количество просмотров 33 views

According to Federal Law No. 290-FZ of July 3, 2016, the next stage of taxpayers’ transition to the new procedure for using cash register equipment (CRE) starts from July 1, 2019.
Russians increase their vacation spending
14:13 02.07.2019 Количество просмотров 33 views

The average check in the Travel and Tourism category increased by 42% compared with 2018, according to the estimates of ePN analysts.
H&M launches full-scale loyalty programme in Russia
13:27 24.06.2019 Количество просмотров 47 views

Swedish retailer H&M announced the launch of a full-fledged loyalty programme for shoppers in Russia.
Huawei to install Russian OS on its smartphones
16:39 17.06.2019 Количество просмотров 50 views

Because of US Government sanctions imposed on Huawei, the Chinese company may replace Android on its smartphones with Russian OS “Aurora”, according to TASS with a reference to unidentified sources.
Nestle invested over 2.1 billion dollars into local production in Russian
12:12 17.06.2019 Количество просмотров 52 views

For the last 20 years, Nestle have invested over 2 billion dollars into local production infrastructure in Russia, stated CEO of Nestlé Russia and Eurasia Martial Rolland, speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 7.
Procter & Gamble may invest 37 mln into Russia
16:12 13.06.2019 Количество просмотров 72 views

According to Sotirios Marindis, regional manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Procter & Gamble (P&G), the company will invest 2.4 billion rubles ($37 million) in its Russian operations this year.
AliExpress Russia to focus on SMEs
14:57 13.06.2019 Количество просмотров 61 views

AliExpress Russia, an online retailer jointly established by Alibaba Group, MegaFon, Group and Russian Direct Investment Fund, will focus primarily on attracting Russian small enterprises according to Daniel Zhang, CEO, Alibaba Group.
Ministry of Industry and Trade: Nike, Adidas and Uniqlo to launch production in Russia
17:23 10.06.2019 Количество просмотров 86 views

Nike, Adidas and Uniqlo stated their willingness to localize production in Russia, said Victor Evtukhov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, on the sidelines of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
Russian Post to build China - Russia - Europe transit logistics chain
15:12 10.06.2019 Количество просмотров 84 views

Russian Post intends to build a point-to-point transit logistics chain to connect China, Russia and Europe. These plans were announced by Russian Post Director General Nickolay Podguzov during St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
IKEA to rent out furniture to Russians
17:58 03.06.2019 Количество просмотров 93 views

In the future, IKEA will be renting out furniture in Russia, says Patrick Anthony, board chairman of Ingka Group in Russia that includes the IKEA chain.

Leroy Merlin opens new hypermarket chain in Russia
15:13 03.06.2019 Количество просмотров 115 views

Leroy Merlin will launch new retail chain Maxipro in Russia for corporate clients.
Holland&Barrett Health Foods May Come to Russia
12:47 03.06.2019 Количество просмотров 107 views

Holland&Barrett Retail Ltd., UK, have filed an application with Rospatent for the brand registration in several categories.
Mandatory online cash registers for selected solopreneurs postponed till 2021
16:41 27.05.2019 Количество просмотров 117 views

The State Duma adopted in its third and final reading a bill that extends the moratorium on the use of cash register equipment (CRE) by individual entrepreneurs until July 1, 2021 and introduces other benefits related to the use of tills.
Pricing announced for new Russian e-vehicle Zetta
13:44 27.05.2019 Количество просмотров 157 views

The new Russian e-vehicle Zetta may hit the stores in December at a price tag of 450 thousand rubles, said Director General of the like-named company Denis Schurovsky.
Russian exporters’ revenues grew by 68% over years under sanctions
17:22 20.05.2019 Количество просмотров 114 views

In 2018, Russian exporters increased their ruble revenues by 11.45 trillion rubles (68.1%) compared with 2013, said FinExpertiza Board Chairman Elena Trubnikova, speaking at the first international summit «Go Global Summit Globalization of brands under conditions of economy digitalizatio...
X5 and Chinese Ucharm to jointly develop locker network
15:16 20.05.2019 Количество просмотров 134 views

X5 OMNI, a subsidiary of X5 Retail Group, has entered into a cooperation agreement with Ucharm, the operator of the Chinese cross-border B2B platform.
New rules of identification in instant messengers become effective
16:31 13.05.2019 Количество просмотров 121 views

According to a Government Decree in effect in Russia since May 5,  the owners of instant messengers are obliged to verify users by phone number.
AliExpress opens its platform for Russian sellers
16:18 13.05.2019 Количество просмотров 146 views

Alibaba has allowed merchants from Russia, Turkey, Italy and Spain to sell through AliExpress, said Trudy Dai,  president of Alibaba’s wholesale marketplaces division.
Ozon tests sales of goods from China, EU and US in Russia
13:23 13.05.2019 Количество просмотров 120 views

Online retailer Ozon is testing sales of electronic appliances, clothing and other goods from abroad.


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