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Advertising on information portal

Information portal is a platform for professionals’ dialogue intended to inform about the best international and domestic practices in the field of offline and online retail, innovative and original ideas in the retail business and customer service. It is a place to analyze events and trends in those industries where services are delivered to the mass buyers, to learn about the positions of market participants, opinions of experts and regulators in the retail area.


Information portal is a dynamically developing project stirring interest of market participants, which is evidenced by a low bounce rate (14-18%) and the number of pages views (10-12 pages on average). The average time on site is about 5 minutes.

The audience is represented by the following entities:
• retail chains and traditional retail - food, non-food, DIY, fashion, etc .;
• online stores;
• hospitality business, tour operators, airlines, transport companies, filling stations operators;
• banks and other financial institutions, payment systems;
• suppliers of products, providers of services and solutions for retail;
• telecom;
• government agencies


We keep abreast of the events in the world of retail and strive to be the first to inform the readers about the current changes and developments in the market.
We are the information providers for retail sector professionals and the aggregators of up-to-date market information. is presented in:
• Rambler
ТOP100, section ‘Newspapers, Magazines’
ТОР100, section ‘Mass Media – Magazines’
• takes part in the Yandex.News partnership program

The portal visitors are persons holding key positions in the retail industry. Representing the most active age of 28-50, they are directly involved in decision-making and project implementation.

Number of views per month exceeds 78,000

5,000+ subscribers to the on-line newsletter.  


Placement of advertising materials on the information portal:

You can use the marketing opportunities of the information portal as follows:
• placing a banner on the website,
• placing a banner in the Retail & Loyalty Daily e-Newsletter,
• posting company news on the website,
• posting news in the Retail & Loyalty Daily e-Newsletter

Visitors can see over 670,000 displays of banner ads monthly. You can take advantage of the marketing opportunities offered by by placing a banner on the site, in the daily e-newsletter, becoming a column sponsor, etc.


Every day, the editorial office receives the latest retail industry news from around the world. You can join the major global newsmakers by sending your news to
Cooperation for us is not only one-time advertising activities on the site, but a comprehensive strategic partnership aimed to deliver your information to as many key market players as possible

Your materials should be integrated into the information stream of the portal in such a manner that they could be, first, noticed for sure, and then read. To attain this, your material should stand out against others and we offer the following options for that:
• Supplementing the news with a unique subject-matter illustrative
• Sponsorship of the Retail-Loyalty News Service and the news columns on the portal
• Banner advertising
We are sure that our cooperation will be fruitful and mutually beneficial, because we have three things most necessary for that: experience, information and  brand awareness!

Of special attention are special projects:
Cover Story, an article thematically and structurally linked to the cover of the journal issue, always enjoys the maximum number of views because it is always displayed on a separate page of the Retail & portal (Long read), promoted in search engines and shown on the portal as a popular Top-material within one month from the publication date.
shown in the Top (3) materials

Long read - placement of the article on a separate Long read page of the information portal with its promotion in search engines and social networks, as well as its display on the portal as a popular Top-material during one month; the article page is placed in the e-version and archive of the Journal issues for an unlimited period of time. The article is also published in the printed version of the Journal.
  Site-in-site means a complete design and placement of a website on the editorial server, its support with materials, maintenance and promotion.

Running commentary is a full package of options that includes the announcement, preparation and broadcast itself, as well as a summarizing report published in the printed and online version of the Journal.

If you have a case story to tell, successful experience and business processes to share with our audience, don’t hesitate to call us at +7 495 961 1065 or email to

Apart from that, we gather campaign statistics!

The statistics of views and clicks is gathered during campaigns.

Contact us! We are ready to offer various creative ideas for ad placements!

Your company’s ads won’t not go unnoticed!

Tell us about your marketing tasks and our professional task force will offer the best possible options of cooperation!  


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