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Zytronic Touch Sensors Deploy in UK's Tyneside Metro Ticketing System

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ticketing solution.jpgZytronic has announced that its ZYTOUCH touch sensor is being used to provide the user interface in the latest automated ticketing solution developed by Scheidt & Bachmann, a manufacturer of fare collection systems for public transit operations.

With a £25 million ($32,075,000) modernization of sixty Metro stations across the U.K.'s Tyneside region underway, Scheidt & Bachmann was contracted to replace over 200 ticket machines with new, more sophisticated versions that boast advanced functionality, according to the announcement. The new machines are capable of accepting credit, debit card and smartcard payment as well as cash, with support for six different languages.

"We have been working with Zytronic for a considerable time now and are fully aware of the many favorable attributes that PCT possesses," said Matthias Augustyniak, managing director, Scheidt & Bachmann. "The touchscreen technologies that we used in previous machine designs, such as surface acoustic wave, could not offer the high degree of robustness. This meant units could be subject to downtime, while repairs were carried out."

"The sensor mechanism for these machines needed to be completely suited to outdoor deployment. It had to be resistant to vandalism and unaffected by rain, snow and other harsh weather conditions," said Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director for Zytronic. "The ZYTOUCH sensor's extreme resistance to accidental or deliberate damage, as well as uncompromised touch performance irrespective of environmental conditions, ensures reliable, long term operation, improving the passenger experience."
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